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Life story
June 19, 2007
On my mommy's birthday, June 19, 2007, at only 5 weeks old I came to live with my mommy and daddy. It was the best day ever! My mommy says I was the greatest present she ever got. At my forever home I lived with both my parents, my human brother, I call him bubby, and my cat sister Cocoa. My mom is a teacher and was off for the whole summer, she thought it would take me this long to learn all the ins and outs of being an indoor girl. Mom quickly realized I was no ordinary pup, I was highly intelligent. Mom taught me all the dog commands, I mastered them very quickly. Umm boring mom, I can sit, stay, roll over, lay down, all the things dogs do. I was a potty training super star, I might add. My parents were very impressed. While they were just beginning to figure out how amazing I was, I was wrapping them around my little paws, which dad said look like stamps. Mommy wanted me to be a girly girl, but I said no! It became apparent that I was a tomboy. Mommy would put clothes on me and I'd run to daddy or bubby and they would take it off me. Daddy said I didn't have to wear a collar, no need to annoy me. He was right, I went to the flood wall everyday with my mommy, I never strayed from her. I taught myself to go in the direction she pointed to and stop when she said stay. Ok I must admit, I have a soft spot for men, when we'd walk the flood wall I'd turn n priss after men, but not women. I am a girl after all! When I'd get tired I'd ride in my pink puppy stroller, I really never liked this stroller business. 
June 19, 2008
I'm now an older and wiser girl. I'm so cute and loving that I always get my way, even my bubby lets me get my way. As intelligent as I am, mommy and daddy have noticed I can't jump and I'm really uncoordinated. My little legs are a sad sight, but I make the best of them. Being a touch different than other pups only added to my charm. By this time my mommy had ramps built for me so I could get on and off the furniture, thanks mom! I don't like anyone, but my family to pick me up or really touch me! I'm sorta a princess! I do not associate with dogs, I demand to be picked up if one gets too close. I'm kinda a chicken, I guess. I've got my whole house trained to cater to me. I travel really well, even on 8 hour beach trips. My favorite toys at this age are my pink & green rope, a mallard duck that makes sounds, and balls of course. My mommy bought me lots of girly toys, but my favorites are the ones dad picks up, the rope and the duck. No bows or girly stuff for me mom. I do love to swim and bath. I don't like to have my faced washed, but the rest of me I don't mind a bit. I love water so much in January daddy and I was walking by the river and I took a run and go and jumped in. The current swept me away and I went under, my daddy sprang into action. He jumped in the frigid river in the 12 degree weather and saved me. Boy was mommy shocked when we got home. Mommy said dad best be glad he saved me! Less than a week later this chick has a respatory infection from swallowing the cold water. I recover nicely, best of all my mommy stayed home from work with me for two days while I got better. My love of water continues through out my life to get me in a pickle!
June 19, 2009
I love walks with my mommy and daddy at Belfry High School. No more flood wall for me, a little boy picked me up and squeezed me and I refused to walk there anymore! I have a memory like an elephant. I found my love of ice cubes this year and no longer play with toys that much, but goodness I love to get new toys! Anytime someone comes in with a bag I go through them until I find my goody. If there's nothing for me, watch out I'll go get my cry toy and pout! I'm very dramatic. I love to chase my sister, Cocoa. It makes her really mad, but when I catch her I give her a big kiss in the mouth. Sometimes mommy catches me before I get her, curses. Sissy likes to jump out from stuff and grab me, she's  is a tad scary.
This year I was riding down the lake in the boat with mommy and daddy and I decided to jump. I felt like a swim, is that wrong? Mommy jumped in after me, Bell Bops not need saved, silly mommy. Daddy turned and picked us girls up and said from now on I have to be securely held while on the boat, he's just no fun.  
June 19, 2010
I'm such a love sponge. I started drinking my dad's ice water, I love it. This starts me and my glasses and only iced water drinking. Mommy & daddy could be in another room and instead of me drinking from my water bowls, I'd run to where they kept one of my two glasses of ice water and bark in my do it now voice. I might be a tad spoiled. Bubby starts dating his first steady girlfriend, I was slow to warm up to her, as I am everyone. Once my love of her kicked in I never accepted any girl other than her, in time they broke up. When bubby would bring new girls to my house, I'd demand to sit with bubby, not let them touch me and growl at their shoes, then when they left I tried to sleep with bubby. New girls with bubby disturbs me. Bubby has one friend I love too, he was here the most and was always so good  to me. My whole life when he comes I'm so happy to see him, my Joshie was always allowed to pet, love, and pick me up. The rest of bubbys friends I smell, but won't let them touch me. I'm very loving with just my family.
June 19, 2011
I'm 4 years old! I'm such a happy, fun, spoiled, smart, sassy little girl. I know directions to every place I go. I know two different ways to get to the vets office, yikes! I know where I walk, I know all the drive throughs, I love them. Right before the turn to go up my hollow I perk up, kiss the driver, hit the window with my paw, and hang out the window all the way home. When mom and dad pack to go on long trips I get so nervous, I've never been left, but goodness I'd hate to be. I try and go outside and sit by the car door, once I see my personalized bag and stuff get packed. We visit Tennessee so much I know where all my stops are and wait for each. When we get close to the lake I know we've arrived and I'm close to the vacation spot, yuck. I just like my house, however any things better than being left alone. Mommy and Daddy were always amazed I knew directions.
June 19, 2012
Look whose five years old! I am truly the apple of my parent's eye. I know I'm very lucky they love me so much, but if it's possible, I do love them even more. I fret when mommy or daddy isn't home from work on time. When they get home it's like I won the lottery! My mommy and daddy are so proud of me they tell everyone they work with about their amazing little ball of sunshine.
I gots some problems and have had them awhile though. Im very itchy and I got allergy tested. I just lick and lick my wittle paws. I did allergy shots every day for a month. Guess what? I'm one of the 40% the serum didn't work for. Mommy takes me to Dr. Knowles and she fixes me! No more licking and itching for Bell Bops. she got me in tip top shape fast! That says a great deal mommy has taken me to doctors every place we went. I ate a bumble bee this summer at the lake and had to go to the doctor in Tennessee. I've been here before over my allergies and I not like it, at all. Daddy says I'm accident prone like my mommy :))
June 19, 2013
This will be the last year I see my birthday.  I almost make it to year 7 just a few months short. I enjoy trips shopping with my Mommy and Nannie. The local Macy's knows me by name. I get out of my stroller and look around with mom sometimes. I'm such a good girl, I can go any place and be very well behaved. Mommy is always proud of me. Bass Pro is always happy to see me and amazed how I stay with mom without a leash. I take me a squeak ball everyplace I go. I finally make a friend right before I died. There's a beagle down the road and he's very calm with me. He lays down and cries when I visit him. Mom and Dad think he knows I'm sick. It took me months to warm up to him, but finally I did. Me and dad walk down and see him everyday for the last 3 months of my life. I spend my last summer on this earth happy with my mommy, like I did all my summers. When school starts back I get so depressed. I miss mommy home with me. It's back to visits from Nannie in the day for me. Anytime I don't feel good I extra pout on mommy when she leaves me. I always get my cry toy and cry when she leaves, but I felt extra bad and wanted my mommy. I had a good temper tantrum. I made mommy hold me an extra long time and wouldn't eat my have a good day kong treat. Mommy knew I was sick. This is the day we find out about the word lymphoma. It will be a month later before it's confirmed, but mommy immediately panics when she reads how grim the outcome of this disease is.  She cries every single day from here out. I fought so hard over the next 8 months, daddy and mommy helped me fight. I never wanted to leave my parents, they were my everything and I was theirs. At first it's hard to believe I could even be sick, I feel good, I play and go on my walks. The last two months were very hard on my little body.  I was always spoiled and loved so much I was suffocated, I did lead a great little life. I felt so bad I started hiding from mommy and daddy, this broke their heart and mine. When I couldn't sleep in my bed anymore my parents slept with me in the floor on the cold tile. Mommy had to get up early for work and my tummy hurt so bad I would have to wake her up numerous times to go use it. I felt bad, but my mommy was always happy to take care of me. The last week I struggled nonstop to be able to breath. I couldn't sleep even on the cold tile, I fought for every breath so rest was hard for me to find. I only ate my chicken, no rice at the end, and no treats or even all my chicken. I would like to have but I'd get choked and cough it back up. My last few days mommy fed me ensure out of a syringe to try and make sure I wasn't hungry. I was now struggling to get drinks and the ensure down. I love to eat and this hurt my daddy and mommy so much, not to mention poor little me. My last day I didn't even try and swallow, not even my beloved chicken. I started bleeding out my wittle butt the night before my death frequently and as the day progressed all I could do was stay in the yard trying to use it with nothing but blood coming out. Everything in life had all at once became a struggle to me. I wouldn't walk or move, just lay and gasp for air. Mommy and Daddy knew they couldn't let me suffer anymore. They held me and loved me, tried nonstop to keep me comfortable from 3:30 that morning til my death at around 1:30 p.m.  I had such a short life, it was full of love and my time here was so happy. I would have loved to have lived longer and had more time with my family and gotten to have become an old lady, but this was not what life had in store for me. God called me home, breaking my parent's hearts.